Many people in our community and the surrounding
areas struggle to have consistent access to food. Here at the Emily Food Shelf we are committed to making sure that our neighbors do not have to skip meals simply because they have a tight food budget. We are here to help ensure that no one has to go hungry. 

Food Access to Individuals & Families in Need

The Emily Food Shelf is what is considered to be a “choice food shelf", which means that it is set up like a grocery store and our neighbors are allowed to pick their own food and personal care items from the selections available. 

Food & Personal Care Items Available

We do our best to offer fresh produce, meat, dairy, bread, canned fruits and vegetables, other shelf-stable items, and personal care items consistently at each of our distributions. 

What to Expect

We have a simple registration process where we request basic household information and no special documentation is required. 

Volunteers are available to help our neighbors through every step of the process as well as assisting them with their shopping experience  when needed. 

We do our best to make each neighbor's experience as easy and pleasant as possible. 

If you are unable to visit us due to transportation issues or other circumstances, please contact us at 218-763-3663 so we can help! There is truly no reason to go without.